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gentle yet deep massage


"Receiving massage from Randa has alleviated my recurrent back problem, improved my work-outs and given me a wonderful sense of calm and centering. Her massage is truly healing on many levels."                                        

                                                                               Kim Colombi, Newton


"Randa has a very healing presence about her, and it really doesn't matter what technique she uses, the energy from her touch - even the slightest - seems to reach and heal at a very deep level. I would recommend her to anybody."                                                                                             Danna Auriana, Tucson, AZ


"Randa's kind hands ever so gently and skillfully guided me to a place of ease and 'whole body aliveness'. It was such an incredibly beautiful exchange of energy, relaxation and core healing. I cannot thank or praise Randa enough for being the conduit of the most truly beautiful and deep 'relaxation' I have ever known in a bodywork or healing session.

                                                                             Patricia Tarantino, Piermont, NH


When I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia, my doctor recommended that I get massage therapy from Randa to help control the pain. I found her to be caring and always open to seminars involving new techniques. That was over 15 years ago and now I can't imagine my healing routine without Randa's massages as a regular component.

                                                                               Dorothea Brodeur, Waltham


"Randa's polarity sessions always help me tremendously. They revitalize my body and spirit."                                                                                       Mary Ellen Whitaker, Natick



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